Client Registration Form

Patient Health Form

In an effort to enhance your experience with our clinic, we offer our new client registration form online for you to complete at a convenient time before your appointment. This will help make your visit with us go smoother and helps us treat patients as efficiently as possible. If you are a new client to our hospital, please print and bring the completed form with you or email ahead of time to

For current clients, we may periodically ask you to complete this form again if we have changed any policies or made any updates that need a new signature.


Communicating with you about your pet during Covid can be challenging. In an effort to make sure we address all concerns at your visit, we are having anyone who still prefers curbside service fill our Patient Health Form. If you are opting in to curbside service, please fill this form out prior to your appointment if possible, and email back to us at If you cannot fill it out prior to your appointment, please arrive 10 minutes early so you have time to fill out a paper copy before your scheduled appointment time. This form is not required if you will be coming into the building for the appointment. Thank you!