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The veterinarians at our hospital are skilled in many types of routine and emergency soft tissue and dental surgeries. We perform spays, neuters, abdominal surgery, tumor removal surgery, biopsies, surgeries of the eyes and ears, dental surgeries such as tooth extractions, and many more.


Our doctors develop anesthesia and pain management plans specific to the needs of each pet, using many of the latest and safest anesthetics. Your pet is monitored closely before surgery, during the procedure, and after surgery until discharge time.


The surgical suite at our hospital is similar to what you would see in a human hospital.  We encourage you to take a tour anytime. Heated surgery tables are used to keep your pet warm, which helps with quicker recovery from surgery. During surgical procedures, monitors used are used to assess oxygen levels, heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure, temperature, and continuous ECG. Knowing these helps your surgery team keep your pet safer under anesthesia, and helps your pet recovery from surgery more smoothly and with less pain. Below you will find our Surgery Informational Packet. 

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